Document Management

How do you create, managed, share and store your critical business documents?

Typically, companies have a combination of internal users, creating office documents and saving them to their local C:drive. External users working off laptops, creating documents all day long, sharing them via email, saving them locally on their laptop, multiple copies of the same document all over the place, sound familiar?

What happens when an employee leaves your company, where is the business documentation they created, stuck in a folder on their laptop hard drive?

Whilst productivity tools like MS Office allow for easy creation of documents, spreadsheets and powerpoints, the net result is high levels of document duplication; time wasted trying to find the latest version or re-creating content that already exists.

Worse still:
No safe way of saving and securing business documents in a central repository, ensuring critical content that drives your business is secured safely, made accessible to those that have the relevant permissions.

What does Web Based Document Management deliver?

Web Interface accessible via the Internet
Virtual File System with a File based Interface for ease of use
Ability to Check-in and Check-out Document to ensure people access the latest versions
Secure Central repository allowing anyone with the correct permission to access business documents
Google like search
No internal IT support required

Webmetics have worked in the Document Management market since the creation of this technology and have vast experience in deploying this technology across all industry sectors. Contact us to learn how we can offer advice and guidance around this market place.

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