Customer relationship Management Solutions

Sales Force Automation
Drives sales performance by allowing sales people and management to track and share contacts and opportunities, manage and upsell into existing accounts, forecast revenue, monitor performance through dashboards, manage quotes and contracts, work offline through our mobile solutions and collaborate through integration with Microsoft Outlook and other groupware applications. 

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Share sales data across individuals and teams
Focus attention on the most profitable deals
Bring new sales people up to speed
Present effective presentations and proposals to customers
Monitor quota progress and business performance

Opportunity Management allows your team to close deals faster by sharing consistent sales information, tracking deal progress, and recording deal-related interactions. Customize to fit how your opportunity management process works, including sales methodologies, account details, and opportunity handling.

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Share opportunity information across individuals and teams
Increase sales productivity through standardized sales processes
Ensure effective opportunity handling through collaboration and workflow
Tailor sales methodologies to meet your business needs

Contact Management consolidates contacts into a single location and associates accounts with sales opportunities, account information and customer case information. Proven import and de-duplication technology ensures that companies have a clean, consistent view of customers and relationships.


Account Management capabilities provide a single view of customers across products, geographies, account, and status. In one single page, users see not only account information, but all associated sales opportunities, contacts, activities, history, cases and quotes. Account management gives your organization the ability to build tighter, more profitable relationships by understanding the status of each account. 

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Understand account status and relationships
Improve up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
Ensure consistent interactions with customers
Share account information across marketing, sales and support departments

Marketing Automation
Close the loop between marketing and sales. Create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels with the campaign wizard. Develop compelling email marketing programs and capture leads directly into your CRM system with web-to-lead forms. Manage and assign leads to your sales reps and track the marketing ROI of your programs.

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Create and execute campaigns across marketing channels
Captures leads directly into CRM System
Measures return on investment of campaigns

Customer Support
Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than selling to existing ones. With Webmetics customer support, companies have the confidence that customer cases will be handled quickly and effectively. Webmetics customer support centralizes customer service requests across channels to allow companies to manage inbound emails, diagnose bugs, share knowledge, and resolve customer issues. In addition, companies can defray customer support costs with the Customer Self-Service Portal. 

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Centrally manage and share all customer service issues
Understand frequency of incidents to improve product quality
Share information across individuals and teams
Measure the responsiveness of customer support

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