Content Management

How do you create and manage the content on your public website or intranet?

With the explosion of Internet technology, every business today has a web presence, in fact it couldn’t be easier to get online. That being said, many organisations have no internal control around their web content, typically working through web agencies to make updates and changes to their website.

Web Content Management (known as WCM) provides the ability to ‘take control’ and make changes to web pages directly by the people that create the original content in the first place.

WCM puts non-technical business users in control of their business content for the web.

What does Web Content Management deliver?

Simple Web Interface accessible via the Internet
Ability to make content changes and edits to any page on your website
Preview Content changes
Workflow approval processes if required
Pre-built templates to create new site sections
Pre-built components to easily add functionality
Easy publication of content changes
No internal IT support required

Webmetics have worked in the WCM market since the creation of this technology and have vast experience in deploying this technology across all industry sectors. Contact us to learn how we can offer advice ad guidance around this market place.

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