Hosted Applications

Web enabling a business process is the most cost effective way to gain efficiency and productivity within a business.

From a simple automated data capture, registration and payment process to calendaring and quotation systems. Webmetics have a wealth of industry experience to web enable your business.

Example We Applications -
Online Booking
Event Registration and Payment
Contact Management & Tracking
Data Capture and Processing
Quotation Generation
Customer Support Management
Back Office Processing
Online Presentations 

If you are thinking of franchising your business?
 Let us explain how we can devolve out processes to allow you to centrally manage and control a franchise whilst providing the business productivity tools to the franchisees.

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Direct Debit Billing
Direct Debit

Do you invoice your clients on a weekly monthly basis?

Ever consider collecting payments through Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is proven to be the most effective way a business can collect money. Direct Debits are cheaper faster and fully controlled generating less administration and enabling companies to make better use of their resources.

How Does It Work?
1. The customer signs up online or via the phone. No forms to complete or documents to sign.
2. Automatic collection may take place on any date of your choice. The net of any collections are transferred four banking days from collection.
3. You and your clients are able to manage your account through our secure website.

Advantages and Benefits!
· Full on-line management of client accounts
· Paperless
· Greater Flexibility – collect varying amounts at a chosen date
· Full on-line management reporting
· On-line account modifications
· Enables client to spread cost over fixed term
· One bulk payment into nominated account – saves multiple bank charges