e-Marketing through Search

Invest correctly and Search Engine Optimisation and Link Management can have a significant impact to your presence on the web.

There has been a lot of hype around Search Engine Optimisation (known as SEO) certainly following the advent of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The fact is the web does offer endless possibilities to grow your business through new customer acquisitions, new markets that were not accessible prior to the internet. Therefore it is important that you are optimising your website to maximise every opportunity that you have to reach those new markets.

As with new markets, come new competitors who are all vying for the opportunity to win that business, therefore we believe that SEO should be an integral part of your web marketing strategy. To date we find that the majority of the market place will go to separate vendors to have their website built and then optimised with another company.

At webmetics we strongly believe that a joined up approach can deliver real business benefits, as one must clearly understand what the purpose of their web site is trying to achieve, is it more informational or transactional and then dovetail in a programme to maximise their reach on the internet. We are amazed at how many companies do not have a business case for the later and understand how they justify the investment and track the return.

Through our expertise both in the UK and the US, Webmetics can deliver a full SEO and Link management service, with a highlight to some of the capabilities below:

Search Packages

Our Search packages start from £15.00 a month and will include elements of the following services:

Optimize Your WebSite -
Find best performing keywords. Keyword mining will identify the correct keywords against the lowest competition and with the greatest demand.

Promote Your Site - 
Submit your Website URLs to all the leading search engines by using our secure submission process.
Check who links to your site and to your competition. We will link analyise to report inbound links, and analyze the text which is extremely important for powerful optimisation.
Find key partners to link to and build a link matrix to increase your sites popularity.

Analyze Your Site - 
Check your website rankings with leading search engines.
Track your Search optimisation success with our advanced ranking report and keep updated with our keywords trends report .
Track and analyze your visitors, advertising campaigns, online transactions, through more than 100 live analytical reports.
WebSite Search Maintanence -
Ensure you identify broken links and page errors on your site.

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