Web Design

We work closely with a number of trusted design partners to bring your Web site to life, while provide you with a single point of contact. Alternatively, we are happy to work alongside your existing design agency or in-house team if required.

As well as the strong technical expertise we bring to a partnership, we also specialise in user experience and accessibility. A site design starts with first understanding the user, thinking like the user and about how they want to interact with the site. Before we develop a site we create a series of 'wire-frames', showing the process a user would take to complete key tasks. We can do this work independently, or in parallel with creative design work to create a compelling, yet practical user experience. Either way, at final implementation we work to separate the site visuals and from the technical infrastructure, allowing new or refreshed designs to be applied without heavy technical impact and rework, saving you time and money.

Throughout the process we also consider accessibility implications, in line with the legislation introduced in 2004, aimed at making the Web available to everyone. On every project, therefore, we aim as a minimum for 'A' or 'AA' compliance with the accessibility guidelines set out by the Web's governing standards body.